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David Fletcher

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First Choose Your Congo

First Choose Your Congo is a

day-by-day account of Brian and

Sandra’s expedition to the Dark

Heart of Africa. It is also a brief

account of the history of this part of

the world and yet another excuse for

Brian to enlighten us all on any

number of issues, some of which

have as much to do with Africa as

does Essex.


So, for example, he puts forth his

questionable views concerning the

‘Pygmytisation’ of the entire human

race as a means of saving our planet,

but also his rather jaundiced opinions

on the efficacy of international aid and, much to the consternation of Sandra, a whole series of his views on the merits of the Seven Deadly Sins.


This book is inexplicably the ninth in David’s seven-part series that documents (and elaborates) Brian and Sandra’s travels to Assam, Syria, Borneo, Cape Verde, Namibia/Botswana (twice), Morocco, Zambia – and now the Republic of Congo.    



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A rubbish photo of a gorilla


However, it is fair to say that Brian could see no such similarities when it came to comparing his and the monkey’s physical appearance. A de Brazza male is predominantly grey – with black legs and a black tail; Brian is pink – all over – and has no tail. The monkey has a face with an orange brow, white eyelids, a white muzzle and a white beard; Brian has a nondescript pink fizzog. And the de Brazza male monkey has a bright blue scrotum; Brian has only a bright blue shirt that he sometimes wears for gardening…

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