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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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Thank you for visiting the website of David

Fletcher, author of the Brian’s World travel

books, the Renton Tenting trilogy and a

couple of ‘Lite-bite’ offerings, all of which

share just one thing in common; they are all



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Out now!  A brand

new book: Strip

Pan Wrinkle (in

Namibia and

Botswana). Join

Brian as he drives

himself and his

wife around these

two African countries – and his wife to distraction with a whole series of his ‘thought-provoking’ observations and opinions.


Look out for two

further books in

2014: Crystal Balls

and Moroccan

Walls, in which

Brian spends more

time predicting the

state of Britain by

2050 than he does

enjoying his

excursion through

southern Morocco,

and Marmite, Bites

and Noisy Nights

(in Zambia), in

which he grumps his way through two of Zambia’s national parks.


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