The Country-cides of Namibia and Botswana

The Country Cides Of Namibia And Botswana

The Country-cides of Namibia and Botswana is a day-by-day account of Brian and Sandra’s three-thousand-mile trip around Namibia and Botswana – used as a vehicle to indict mankind in respect of its stewardship of the planet. This Brian does by demonstrating how inept it is at running its own affairs at the level of the nation state, and this demonstration takes the form of a series of ‘assassinations’ of the major nations of the world; the ‘country-cides’ referred to in the book’s title.

So, for example, he explains why Argentina is the South American national equivalent of Gordon Brown, why one of the great imponderables of North Korea is how it deals with the lavatory arrangements at all those gargantuan rallies in Pyongyang, and why ‘Saudi Arabia’ and ‘fun’ never appear in the same sentence, other than when there’s a negative in there as well. Then there are the under-achievements of Russia…

This book is the eighth in David’s seven-part series (!) that details (and elaborates) Brian and Sandra’s travels to Assam, Syria, Borneo, Cape Verde, Namibia/Botswana, Morocco, Zambia – and Namibia/Botswana again.

A Skeleton Coast welcome
A Skeleton Coast welcome


Not only is France a country with only one syllable in its name (which is very rare), but it is also one with the consonant and vowel combination of ‘ance’, the same ‘ance’ as one finds in ‘nonchalance’, ‘elegance’, ‘insouciance’ and ‘arrogance’.

This might be just a coincidence (and not a coincidance), but, there again, it is very difficult to think of our French cousins without also bringing to mind one of those words in particular, and that word is, of course, ‘arrogance’