I, Baby Boomer

I Baby Boomer

This book is the autobiography of one of the Baby Boomer generation of individuals who now stand accused of all manner of heinous crimes, including ruining the world and generally enjoying themselves in the process.

This is, of course, a fallacious accusation, as is made very clear by the Baby Boomer subject of the autobiography. He does this by recording not just a series of events in his own life, but events that were taking place in the world around him, and what his thoughts were on these events – sometimes with not even a modest helping of reserve, but instead with a fairly large dollop of irreverence. After all, any Baby Boomer worth his or her salt is hardly going to be constrained by the dictates of ‘wokism’ or the edicts of modern-day puritanism. Far from it. Indeed, this is only too apparent throughout the whole of the autobiography and even more apparent in the autobiography’s three appendices, three veritable treasure troves of poetic pearls, containing a carefully curated selection of the author’s entirely non-PC verses and his appalling epic odes.

You have been warned.


In fact, out of the 1,800 people who passed at that sitting I came in at number sixty-nine! This was the only exam I had ever sat – or would sit – where my place in the field of successful candidates would be published. It was also the only exam that allowed me to boast that I had achieved a proper soixant-neuf – even while I still had my clothes on.