Eggshell in Scrambled Eggs

Eggshell In Scrambled Eggs

Eggshell in scrambled eggs, bad wedding receptions, inserts in magazines and music snobs are amongst the many pet hates subjected to a considered review in this easy to read tome. With prose and poetry (of sorts) the author has sought to confront the worst of his pet hates (including macadamia nuts) and then overwhelm them with humour. For that is the nature of this book: the employment of what makes our blood boil to create something which instead makes us laugh – sometimes out loud…


Government waste

A civil servant bit on ‘waste’,
Chewed it round and liked its taste.
And that is why there’s now a trend
For those in power to spend and spend.

And spend and spend without a thought
For what they’ll get for what they bought,
For what they bought the other day,
And just how much they’ve pissed away.

And as it’s us who pay the bill…