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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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In Ticklers, Renton Tenting relives the excitement of his unplanned mission by joining a band of professional adventurers who make their living by providing security services throughout the universe, but he discovers that all is not well within this elite force and there is something very wrong at its top.


Joined by his friends, he launches on a quest to identify the problem and encounters a whole slew of strange and humorous situations. The adventure grows to a more demanding level as a new and potentially devastating threat is unveiled...


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The threat of imminent extinction worked wonders for Renton’s libido.  But there were limits.  And eventually it began to shrink into uselessness.  Just like its surroundings.  And they’d shrunk so much that as well as a stiffened libido, any further lovemaking would have required the flexibility of a bloody contortionist.  And frankly, neither of them was quite up to that.