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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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The A-Z of Stuff

Life is full of trivia. More and more, it

seems, every waking minute of our lives

is spoken for – by the inconsequential,

the irrelevant, the incidental, the

positively wasteful, and by a whole host

of other ‘stuff’ that serves no purpose

whatsoever other than to distract us from

what is really important. So, it is time for

a remedy. It is time to counter the

avalanche of useless ‘stuff’ with a digest

of what is – or what should be – the really

essential ‘stuff’ – for us all. And here it is:

everything one could ever need to know

in order to retain a hold on what life is

really all about – in one easy-to-use

‘compendium of wisdom’: The A-Z of Stuff.


This work has been painstakingly compiled – with no reference to sensitivities, accuracy or fairness – to provide all its readers with all the indispensable stuff they will ever need. So, whether it is an explanation of the flaws of democracy, a demolition of the principle of ‘human rights’, a treatise on the scourge of testosterone or a review of the unavoidable hilarity of sex, it can all be found within the pages of The A-Z…

Of course, a book such as this, as it goes out of its way to avoid the trivial and the plain brainless, would remain largely unread if it were to be presented ‘clinically’ – or, indeed, in any sort of logical order. It has therefore been decided to present it in the more digestible ‘A to Z’ format and, more importantly, with a large overlay of humour – and even with some snappy doggerel. It is therefore a ‘compendium of wisdom’ that doesn’t take itself entirely seriously and, in certain passages, not seriously at all. In this way it cannot fail to win over all those who are almost continuously distracted by the unimportant stuff, and equip them instead with all that is really important – and, no doubt, with some nourishing food for thought…




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I mean, they have got to be made to realise that any society operates most effectively when its adults have the number of children they can afford, not the number they can claim for, having first had them handled by a same-day, first-class delivery service (and all free of charge).  In short, being fecund is one thing.  Taking the fecund mickey is quite another matter…

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