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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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Renton Tenting is the protagonist of Dumpiter and the ultimate unlikely hero – who, early into the story, is plucked from a carefully planned life and cast into a challenging and disturbing adventure, played out against a backdrop of space travel and distant worlds. In the future, mankind has populated much of the universe and is well on its way to screwing it all up. Renton is exposed to all manner of ridiculous oddities... find out more.


In Ticklers, Renton Tenting relives the excitement of his unplanned mission by joining a band of professional adventurers who make their living by providing security services throughout the universe, but he discovers that all is not well within this elite force and there is something very wrong at its top. Joined by his friends, he launches on a quest to identify the problem and encounters a whole slew of strange...find out more.


Renton sets out on a new life as a detective in Lollipop. His first role takes him onboard SSLollipop, a gigantic spaceship offering every form of sexual gratification which is operated by a mysterious band of asexual humans called Lagooners. His quest is to locate a particular woman, but it’s more difficult than anticipated. Renton is gradually drawn into some sinister goings-on... find out more.

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The Renton Tenting trilogy comprises three books that fall into the humorous sci-fi genre.

This statement will, of course, have the same effect on 95% of the reading public as telling them that all the books come with a free offer of anthrax.  This is a pity.  If they could suspend their deep prejudice against science fiction in general (and humorous sci-fi in particular) for just long enough to embark on one of these books, then they would encounter a pleasant surprise.  

Renton Tenting himself is a highly entertaining character, and his adventures are not only highly amusing but also unavoidably thought-provoking.  

In particular, they provoke thoughts about how we, as a species, are treating our real, non-sci-fi world in a far from humorous way.


As an added bonus, each book in the trilogy is equipped with an identifiable beginning, a splendid middle and an easily recognizable end.