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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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Renton sets out on a new life as a detective in Lollipop. His first role takes him onboard SSLollipop, a gigantic spaceship offering every form of sexual gratification which is operated by a mysterious band of asexual humans called Lagooners. His quest is to locate a particular woman, but it’s more difficult than anticipated. Renton is gradually drawn into some sinister goings-on, and he and his colleagues are obliged to engage with a new adversary and solve the Lagooner puzzle. Its resolution constitutes the culmination of this trilogy – in a non-sexual climax!


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It was a storeroom.  It was a storeroom full of little glass barrels.  And in each of these little barrels was a human body-part floating in a clear liquid; a leg here, a hand there, a flabby bit from somewhere inside just underneath and, right next to where he stood, a pair of eyes sitting incongruously above a pair of lungs.  Whoever had stacked the barrels round here had no sense of order or no sense of taste.

Renton then became aware of two more body parts: a chest and a set of bowels.  And they were both his own.  One was tightening and the other was loosening.  He’d have to get out of here quickly – before there was a coronary or a catastrophe – or possibly both.