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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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Eggshell in Scrambled Eggs



Eggshell in scrambled eggs, bad wedding receptions, inserts in magazines and music snobs are amongst the many pet hates subjected to a considered review in this easy to read tome. With prose and poetry (of sorts) the author has sought to confront the worst of his pet hates (including macadamia nuts) and then overwhelm them with humour. For that is the nature of this book: the employment of what...find out more.

On a beautiful island in the middle of a vast blue ocean lives Salu. His experiences of growing up in this idyllic setting and the changes he witnesses as he makes his way to maturity act as a mirror. And in this mirror, however improbably, is reflected the experiences of many others who have grown up in Britain, and who now find themselves in a Britain not only emasculated by its membership of the European Union, but one which is also terminally enfeebled... find out more.


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The first two books that are offered as ‘Lite-bites’ are what their name suggests: easy and quickly readable books that, nevertheless, will leave their readers feeling fully amused and properly entertained.

The third book, The A-Z of Stuff, whilst masquerading as a Lite-bite, is in fact a full-blown, heavyweight banquet. Accordingly, it has been divided into 26 A-Z courses, all of which do not have to be consumed at one sitting, but can instead be snacked on over whatever length of time one chooses.  In this way, any indigestion caused should be easily manageable and of little concern…


Life is full of trivia. More and more, it seems, every waking minute of our lives is spoken for – by the inconsequential, the irrelevant, the incidental, the positively wasteful, and by a whole host of other ‘stuff’ that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to distract us from what is really important. So, it is time for a remedy. It is time to counter the avalanche of useless ‘stuff’ with a digest of what is – or what should be – the really essential ‘stuff’ – for us all... find out more.

The A-Z of Stuff