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David Fletcher

Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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On a beautiful island in the middle of a vast blue ocean lives Salu. His experiences of growing up in this idyllic setting and the changes he witnesses as he makes his way to maturity act as a mirror. And in this mirror, however improbably, is reflected the experiences of many others who have grown up in Britain, and who now find themselves in a Britain not only emasculated by its membership of the European Union, but one which is also terminally enfeebled by the actions of a veritable plague of ‘crats’. It is by no means a cheery story.


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And hence, a new ‘Health Service’ was formed.

It was easy really.  For all it entailed was the creation of a three-Crat Health Service Executive, a nine-Crat Health Service Management Agency, a fifteen-Crat Health Service Scheduling and Reporting Bureau and a twenty-Crat Health Service Liaison Team.  Oh, and the co-opting of all the healers into this new and entirely unnecessary Health Service ‘empire’.