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Author of sci-fi and travelogue humour

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Brian's World Series

This book is yet another day-by-day account of an expedition made by Brian (of Brahmaputra fame), together with his wife, Sandra, this time to the ten-island archipelago of Cape Verde. It weaves together an informative, factual account of this mid-Atlantic nation with an irreverent commentary on its culture, history and place in the world... find out more.



Cape Earth


This book is a further day-by-day account of an expedition made by Brian (of Brahmaputra fame), together with his wife, Sandra, this time to the Sabah province of Borneo. Similar to the other books in the series, it incorporates not only the factual aspects of Brian's excursion, but also his irreverent thoughts on all he observes... find out more.




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A Syria Situation is another day-by-day account of a wildlife expedition presented in the same style as that of Brian on the Brahmaputra.  It therefore features Brian and his wife, Sandra, again – and another set of middle-aged Brits, this time making their way around a country in the Middle East that probably houses more antiquities than it does visible wildlife... find out more.

A Syria Situation


Brian on the Brahmaputra is a day-by-day account of an actual wildlife expedition to Assam, by means of a boat trip down the Brahmaputra, and the extension to this expedition in the form of an excursion to the Sundarbans – the mangrove-covered islands in the mouth of the Ganges, south of Kolkata.However, it is a great deal more than this...find out more.

Brian on the Brahmaputra


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Travel books can very often be tedious or even soporific, especially when they reflect the observations of a middle-aged traveler, such as, for example, Brian.  It is fortunate, then, that the series of travel books, which together constitute ‘Brian’s World’, are not anything like conventional travel books and are a source of stimulation rather than of boredom or sedation.  This is because they are written as works of humour as well as works of record.  They do inform – especially with respect to the wildlife and the ‘feel’ of the country being visited – but, through Brian’s somewhat jaundiced perspective, they also amuse, entertain, provoke, inspire and sometimes taunt, incense or even offend.


So, if you want a travel book that will make you laugh and make you think, as well as describing to you, encounters with both wildlife and human-life, then the Brian’s World books are for you.

Strip Pan Wrinkle (in Namibia and Botswana) is an account of a five-week expedition made by Brian (of Brahmaputra fame) and his wife,Sandra, as they drive their Land Cruiser in an extended loop through Namibia, Botswana and a little bit of Zambia... find out more.



Strip Pan Wrinkle


Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights (in Zambia) is another day-by-day account of an expedition made by Brian and his wife, Sandra, this time to the South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi national parks – in, unsurprisingly, Zambia... find out more.

Marmite, Bites and Noisy Nights (in Zambia)

Crystal Balls and Moroccan Walls is another irreverent and provocative account of an expedition made by Brian and his wife, this time to that part of Morocco that lies to the south of the Atlas Mountains. However, it is also a prognostication. Southern Morocco doesn’t live up to Brian’s expectations...find out more.

Crystal Balls and Moroccan Walls

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The Country-cides of Namibia and Botswana is a day-by-day account of Brian and Sandra’s three-thousand-mile trip around Namibia and Botswana – used as a vehicle to indict mankind in respect of its stewardship of the planet.  This Brian does by demonstrating how inept it is at running its own affairs at the level of the nation state... find out more.

The Country-cides of Namibia and Botswana


‘The Congo’ is something of an enigma, not least because there are actually two Congos: the Republic of Congo and the DemocraticRepublic of Congo. So, if one is planning to visit ‘the Congo’, it is only sensible that one adopts the essential advice to ‘first choose your Congo’.


This is what Brian and his wife did, choosing to travel to the Republic of Congo... find out more.

First Choose Your Congo


As was only too apparent to Mr Charles Darwin, the Galápagos Archipelago is unique.  Nowhere else in the world has a genesis, a history and a flora and fauna quite like this collection of islands in the Pacific.  And nowhere else has, sailing between these islands, a beautiful sixteen-berth motor yacht by the name of Beluga... find out more.

Absolutely Galápagos


Despite Brian’s longstanding aversion to cruises, there was no way he could pass up the opportunity to join an ‘expedition cruise’ to Melanesia. After all, this little known corner of the Pacific Ocean included any number of delectable destinations, not least the myriad islands that made up New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands... find out more.

Melanesia, Melancholia and Limericks


Neither Brian nor Sandra knew whether there was a longer palindrome than 'a man a plan a canal Panama', but they did know that the country in this palindrome was well worth a visit. Not only did it house a whole treasure-house of wildlife riches, but it also had that extremely well-known canal...find out more.

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama